Yesterday: Lunar Gala 2020

Fall 2019-Spring 2020

As Print Team Lead, I directed the inception and execution of the physical presence of the 2020 Lunar Gala fashion show, the largest fashion show in Pittsburgh. 

Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects
Risograph Printing
Slack (management)
Design Management
Brand Strategy
Print/Editorial Design
Experience Design

LG Print Team:
Ashley Burbano, Alice Fang, Sophia Kim, Mimi Jiao, Jenna Kim, Rachel Lee, Angela Lee, Elena Deng

My role entailed collaborating with the Web, Photo and PR leads and the Creative Head to develop a visual style and brand strategy for this year’s show, building and leading a team of eight print designers, and developing a series of physical and digital production-quality materials to recruit, advertise and brand the final show.

Our final physical materials included: a series of posters in both risograph and laser print, a merch kit, a 36-page show booklet in risograph, and various brand supplements for day-of-show support.

Theme Description–
Yesterday celebrates the dynamic changes the Steel City has undergone in recent history, and explores the tension of what happened yesterday and what could happen tomorrow.  As students and as a community, we are undergoing a period of change that leaves us with conflicting feelings of nostalgia, apprehension, and hope. This year’s show invites viewers of the Pittsburgh community to explore what change has meant to them, and how this affects our vision of the future.

Yesterday is about liminality. It emphasizes the experience of feeling in-between states, torn between the past and the future of self, place and existence.

Lunar Gala was first founded twenty-four years ago, as a celebration of the Chinese New Year. This year, the year of the Metal Rat, we chose to honor this show’s place within the rapidly innovating, technological and cultural movements of the city.

Limited Edition TeesInternal Crew Shirt

Physical presence–
I care a lot about the materiality of the artifacts we produced. I pushed early to find resources for risograph printing (I had to do a lot of research–and begging– to get access to the school printers), and I opted to print externally for our booklets.  

Merch was also designed specifically to generate hype for the event, so it was important to prioritize quality and appeal. 

Some process shots from the print studio, more to come: 

–––––More booklet documentation coming soon–––––

Style Sheet–

The theme’s branding fell heavily on the type. Our entire narrative was defined by the voice of typography used, so I took the lead on prioritizing these decisions. To emulate the shifting, liminal quality of the theme, I chose to combine two complementing typefaces in the same line. We used the indie, decorative serif Zermatt, and mixed it with Bai Jamjuree, a Eurostyle-inspired sans-serif.

Amid a period of poor organizational direction from our Creative Head, I used this style sheet (below) to pull together our concepts across the team leads.

Merging type

Digital presence–
Yesterday’s digital presence was directed by the Web Lead, Mason Shor. I worked closely with him to create a brand style guide (above) that would function throughout digital and print mediums.

Web and print are not direct imitations of each other, but rather demonstrate how the medium itself speaks to the theme concept.

Facebook Banner
Site Landing Page

Team organization–
The development of the complete Lunar Gala experience is an extended effort: starting in the summer, I worked with team leads to develop the theme concept. From there, we mapped out the general process throughout the three stages of brand development: Recruitment, Advertising and Day-of-Show.

I made sure to know my print team well–especially the things that motivate each person– and divided the task list based on their unique skills.

The team split into smaller task groups: Posters, Merch and Booklet. I worked closely with each, and managed the overall style guide and the brand assets.

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